Our Books and Fantasies

Another Country


Toby a firm disciplinarian and a boy loving employee of an NGO stationed in S.E. Asia is home on leave for the first time in five years. He finds that his nephew Tim whom he last saw as a scrawny 8 year old has developed into an attractive but willfull 13 year old. Against his better judgement he sets out to seduce him with the intention of having him come out to stay with him for a long holiday after his return to the East.


Charity Boy Stories


The Vale of Dingle lies almost hidden in the North Downs in Kent. It is part of England where time has stood still where among the ancient churches, stately manor house, thatched cottages, flower covered meadows and glistening brooks the inhabitants enjoy a rural idyll unchanged from the early 1950s. It is an ordered society where crime and anti social behaviour is unknown. Nine year old Daniel comes to the village with his mother to visit his Uncle Jack.

At first the place appears to be a typical English small town but Daniel quickly discovers that it has a certain unusual custom: they had Charity Boys. These are boys whose parents have decided they should be brought up to a very strict set of rules, and who spend their boyhood working for the good of their parents and of their community. They are taught from an early age to be completely obedient, and to accept that they have no rights at all, and must do exactly what they are told to do by their parents and by all grown ups and privileged children. It takes Daniel a little longer to find out the painful truth about himself.


Tribute Boys


In the near future there is a law for The Effective Utilisation of Male Units of Population Resource Between the Ages of Seven and Fourteen Years. This is a kind of slavery for boys 7-14 years old, called Tribute Boys. These boys go naked and can be used for hard labour, for pleasure, in fact for everything. At the age of fourteen, a Tribute Boy has to ask his Release from service, which usually means his death. This story follows the life of some of these Tribute Boys.